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Explain how Coffee growing in Kenya and Brazil differ under the following subheadings;

  1. Size of land
  2. Land tenure
  3. Marketing 

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    1. Size of land 
      • In Kenya, the Coffee is grown smaller farms both in large-scale and small-scale while in Brazil it is grown in large extensive farms.
      • The large-scale farms in Kenya are called plantations/estates while in Brazil the large-scale called fazcendas.
    2. Land tenure (2mks)
      • In Kenya the farms are owned by individuals and family members and casual labourers provide labour while in Brazil the fazcendas are owned by rich land owners but tenants work for the rich owners. 
    3. Marketing 
      • In Kenya marketing is done by cooperatives and agents while in Brazil marketing is done by companies.
      • In Brazil the marketing system is efficient with financial stability while in Kenya the marketing system is less efficient and depends on auctions.
      • Co-operatives sell coffee to the Kenya Planters Cooperative Union (KPCU) who passes to Coffee Board of Kenya (CBK) while in Brazil companies sell directly to world market.
      • CBK sells coffee through organized auction system while in Brazil; the Brazillian Speciality Coffee Association auctions the coffee through the internet in conjunction with Speciality Coffee Association of America.
      • In Kenya coffee is exported to Britain, Germany, and Norway Japan & North America while in Brazil coffee is sold to same countries and also sold locally within Brazil.

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