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Explain five challenges facing land policies in Kenya since independence.

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  1. Drought and famine experienced in various parts of the country.
  2. The population of has been growing faster than the gains made in agriculture
  3. The world market prices for agriculture commodities have been falling.
  4. Corruption and mismanagement of cooperative has led to meager earnings.
  5. Poor infrastructure in some parts of Kenya has discouraged farmers especially during rainy seasons.
  6. Politically instigated ethnic clashes discourage farming due to insecurity.
  7. Poor technology has contributed to low yields.
  8. Farmers produces is often destroyed by pest and diseases.
  9. Corrupt government officials have grabbed research land.
  10. The cost of farm inputs has become unmanageable for most farmers due to the high cost of fertilizers and pesticides.
  11. Competition from COMESA members and Europeans union has frustrated Kenyan farmers. This is because the competitors subsidize their products.
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