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Explain five challenges facing the agricultural sector in Kenya.

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  1. Increase in population has put pressure on land thus low productivity
  2. Drought and famine has affected certain parts of the country calling for relief food. 
  3. The unstable prices of agricultural commodities on the local and world market have discouraged farmers.
  4. Politically instigated ethnic clashes have discouraged farmers from carrying out intensive farming due to insecurity
  5. Corrupt government officials like grabbing of public land in many parts of the country has led to public resistance at the practice/mismanagement of funds meant for agricultural development.
  6. Destruction of farmers produce by pests and diseases/poor storage.
  7. The high cost of farm inputs like fertilizers and pesticides has affected farmer's production.
  8. Overproduction of similar agriculturul products leads to wastage due to lack of buyers.
  9. Shortage of agricultural extension officers has made it difficult for farmers to get advice on how to improve yields.
  10. Poor transport and communication network hinders transportation of farm produce 
  11. Lack of modern technology like the use of farm machinery.
  12. The rapidly spreading HIV/AIDS infection had denied the agricultural sector labour. 
  13. Competition from COMESA and other more developed countries.
  14. Corruption and mismanagement of co-operative societies leads to poor turning by farmers.
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