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Describe the law-making process in the national assembly.

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  1. The bill is drafted by the attorney general and presented to parliament for discussion
  2. The bill is presented for first reading reading by the attorney general for discussion. The members are supposed to familiarize themselves with the bill as well as approve it.
  3. The bill is presented for the second reading in parliament; it’s debated upon in details. it can be either accepted or rejected
  4. The bill is taken through the committee stage with objective of making improvements on it.
  5. The bill is then taken through report stage for members of parliament to ascertain that the suggestions were accurately effected
  6. Third reading, further debates as allowed and amendments to the bill could be made.
  7. Presidential assent the bill then taken to the president for his assent
  8. After signing the bill becomes law or an act of parliament. Its then gazette to become law.
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