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Explain six reasons which can disqualify one from being elected as a Member of County Assembly in Kenya.

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  • If one is not a registered voter in a constituency/ ward
  • If one does not have political nomination certificate and is not an independent candidate
  • If one is declared bankrupt by a competent court of law, for this puts to question the ability of such a person to guard public resources
  • If one has not lived in Kenya for at least ten years preceding the election date
  • If one is of unsound mind and therefore will not be able to discharge duties required for a Member of the County Assembly
  • If one has violated Chapter six of the Kenyan constitution on integrity of leaders public servants
  • If one is serving a sentence exceeding six months by the time of election
  • If there is proof of involvement in electoral malpractice in the past such as rigging
  • If one is a holder of public office
  • If one has been holding an office of IEBC for the last five years preceding elections
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