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  1. Identify three responsibilities of a County Government in Kenya.

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  1. Development of Agriculture i.e. crop and animal husbandry.
  2. Development of fisheries through regulation of fishing and fishing activities/ promotion of fish farming.
  3. Provision of health services through construction of health facilities, provision of ambulance services and promotion of health care.
  4. Regulation of cultural activities through promotion of theatre groups and licensing of betting casinos
  5. Promotion of public health through provision of refuse removal, solid waste removal and cemeteries.
  6. Provision of recreation facilities like sports stadia, county parks and beaches, social halls and museums.
  7. Development and management of County transport through construction of roads, ferries and harbours.
  8. Regulation and development of trading activities through provision of trade licenses, markets and trade fairs.
  9. Provision and management of pre-primary, vocational education like village polytechnics and child centers.
  10. Environmental management through air, water and noise pollution.
  11. Regulating county planning and development through land survey and mapping, housing, electricity and energy regulation.
  12. Regulation of county public works and services like water and sanitation services. 
  13. Putting in place measurers to control drug usage and access to pornography in the county.
  14. Ensuring animal control and welfare e.g. licensing of dogs.
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