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Explain six challenges faced by the County Governments in Kenya.

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  1. The high population stretches the available resources in various counties.
  2. Duplication of roles between the National and county Governments. 
  3. Undeveloped transport and communication networks.
  4. Occurrence of natural calamities like drought and famine calling for emergency relief aid.
  5. Shortage of resources thus weak economic base in some counties.
  6. Delay in remittance of funds to the County government from the national Government.
  7. Interference in their work by the National government.
  8. Rivalry among leaders within the County.
  9. Inadequate personnel to run key departments within the County.
  10. Embezzlement and misuse of funds by corrupt county officials.
  11. Structural overlaps. Management of cities and urban centres differ from that of rural areas, with more services directed to cities and urban centres.
  12. The problem of managing resources that are jointly shared by more than one county. Some resources such as water or forest land may be serving more than one county and may bring conflicts between counties
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