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Explain six problems faced by settlers in colonial Kenya.

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  1. The constant raids by the local inhabitants such as the Nandi, Maasai and the Agikuyu threatened their peace and security. The Maasai raided their dairy farms for cattle.
  2. Many Africans were not willing to offer labour which was needed to clear the bush and prepare the land for cultivation
  3. Scores of settlers lacked basic farming knowledge and experience, since they has not engaged in farming before
  4. A serious shortage of capital hindered the procurement of farm inputs, machinery, labour and money to meet the day to day operational costs of settler farms. Some of the settlers became bankrupt.
  5. Marketing was difficult during the war period particularly due to the depression of the 1930s which was characterized by price fluctuations.
  6. They experienced transport problems due to the inadequacy of roads and railways
  7. The climate and soils of the colony were alien to the settler. They were unfamiliar with the seasons.
  8. Pests and diseases were prevalent in the highlands. The settlers were assailed by various human, animal and crop diseases.
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