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Explain five challenges faced by the early Christian missionaries in their work in Kenya.

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  • Tropical diseases such as Malaria claimed the lives of many missionaries/ slowed down their work
  • Islam posed stiff competition to Christianity at the Coast since Islam was already established in the region
  • Missionaries faced resistance/ hostility from Africans because Christian teaching condemned some African traditions/ practices like polygamy / female circumcision
  • Poor transport and communication network/ lack of roads hindered movement into the interior
  • Missionaries lacked a common language of communication with Africans making it difficult to share the gospel
  • Rivalry among different missionary groups hindered cooperation among them
  • Christian Missionaries faced hostility from slave traders since they condemned it and wanted it abolished
  • Inadequate funds made it difficult for the missionaries to finance all their operations
  • They lacked enough personnel to spread Christianity over the vast/ expansive region
  • Hostile African communities such as the Nandi/ Oromo vandalized mission stations/ installations/ facilities
  • Inadequate supplies of food/ medicines undermined their ability to carry out their work effectively.
  • Threat/ menance of wild animals such as lions, snakes which could attack/ harm them
  • Sometimes, their guides/ porters deserted them robbing them thereby slowing their mission
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