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Explain five factors which can interfere with free and fair elections in Kenya

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  1. Corruption among electoral officials compromises fairness of the electoral process
  2. Election violence during the election period discourages potential voters
  3. Illiteracy of some voters makes them to be misled
  4. Incompetent election officials can mismanage the process undermining the process
  5. Rigging may interfere with elections where the wrong candidate is declared a winner
  6. Inadequate civic education denies the electorate opportunity to learn about the importance of participating in elections
  7. Poor physical infrastructure: Some polling stations may be inaccessible denying voters a chance to vote
  8. Electoral equipment like BVR kits can break down during elections thereby slowing down the process
  9. Harassment of voters by supporters of different candidates/parties can prevent voters from voting in certain strongholds
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Poor transport and communication  services
Illetracy of voters
Lack of civic education 
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