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Explain the effects of British rule in Zimbabwe.

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  • It led to the alienation of African land to white settlers resulting to displacement of Africans.
  • African traditional rulers lost their political autonomy and served as puppets of the British/loss of independence.
  • The day-to-day running of the colony was vested in the hands of the British without much reference to the African interest.
  • Africans were subjected to heavy taxation
  • The British South African company was given too much power in the administration of colony.
  • It undermined African traditional economy as some Africans worked in White farms.
  • It led to the development of transport network/infrastructure
  • It led to the introduction of new crops in the region.
  • It undermined African culture
  • Establishment of white settlement subjected Africans to poverty
  • Africans were denied freedom of movement by being confined to the reserves and required to carry identity cards.
  • Africans were subjected to forced labour.
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