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Six ways in which Christians in Kenya help to narrow the gap between the Rich and the poor.

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  • Show concern towards orphans, street families, less fortunate by setting up homes and providing for their basic needs.
  • Provide formal/vocational training to orphans to empower them/make them self-reliant.
  • Church leaders advocate for equitable distribution of national resources in all areas.
  • Christians do preach on the values of hard-work, fairness, integrity as a way of eradicating poverty.
  • They pay taxes as role models
  • Strongly preach against evils like corruption.
  • Advocates for just wages for workers to improve their living standards.
  • Christians engaged in business should be role models/ avoid cheating and overcharging goods.
  • Should initiate poverty eradication programmes countrywide.
  • Create job opportunities and consider the most deserving to be employed.
  • Should advocate for the implementation of just laws in the society.
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