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  1. What do you understand by the term absolute zero temperature. 
  2. Differentiate between ideal and real gases.  
  3. The figure below shows a simple set up that may be used to verify Boyle's law.
    set verifying Boyles law
    Describe how the apparatus may be used to verify Boyle's law. 

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    1. Lowest temperature possible measured on kelvin scale
    2. Temperature when the pressure is zero
    3. Temperature when volume or K.E is zero
    Ideal gases  Real gases 
    -Obey gas laws completely 
    -Remain gases to Ok
    -Don't obey gas laws
    -Liquify before OK
    1. Set up apparatus as shown.
    2. Pump the air until a measurable layer of oil is reached
    3. Allow the trapped air to adjust to room temperature and record pressure and height in (volumer). Repeat for other values of pressure and weight in (volumer)
    4. A graph of  1/volume  is a straight line through(90) i.e pressure × 1/volume
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