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  1. State five reasons that led to the migration of the Eastern Cushites from their
    original homeland to the present day Kenya.
  2. Describe the political organization of the Somali during the pre-colonial period.

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    1. They moved in search of water and pasture for their livestock
    2. The outbreak of diseases/ epidemics forced them to move
    3. Attacks from other communities forced them to move/external attacks
    4. There was population pressure in their original homeland
    5. They moved due to drought and famine
    6. Family/clan dispute/conflicts forced them to migrate/internal conflicts
    7. Search for land for settlement
    8. They moved for adventure
    1. The Somali had a decentralized political system of administration
    2. The family was the smallest political unit
    3. The basic political unit of the Somali was the clan each with its name and occupied specific territories / areas.
    4. The council of elders was in charge of the day to day affairs of the clan
    5. The clans came together when the entire community faced a major crisis
    6. The council maintained law and order, was the final count of appeal among other political functions
    7. The circumcised boys joined age-sets that performed leadership roles for a period of time
    8. The Somali had a leader called Sultan whose role was mainly advisory.
    9. There existed warriors whose main duty was to protect the community against external attacks and acquire possessions for the community.
    10. There existed people with special responsibility e.g. Sheikhs and medicine men who played political roles in the community
    11. With adoption of Islam, sharia law was embraced to be used in administration of justice
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