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Explain five factors that led to the decline of Portuguese rule along the Kenyan coast.

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  1. The harsh Portuguese rule provoked resentment from the coastal people.
  2. Some coastal communities organized a series of revolts against the Portuguese.
  3. Trade along the Kenyan coast declined therefore, they found retaining their control over the Kenyan coast a liability.
  4. The Portuguese were attacked by the zimba terrorist who looted property and killed people.
  5. The coastal Arabs and Swahili obtained support from Turks and Oman Arabs.
  6. Delays in reinforcement due to distance.
  7. Competition of the other European powers over the control of the coastal trade.
  8. Corrupt Portuguese administrators embezzled revenue.
  9. The Portuguese were attacked by tropical diseases like malaria.
  10. Portugal was a small country and lacked manpower.
  11. Portugal was annexed by Spain.
  12. The defeat and the capture of fort Jesus by the Oman Arabs brought the Portuguese rule to an end.
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