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  1. Name three ways in which direct democracy is exercised in Kenya.  
  2. Explain six circumstances in which one's right to life may be taken away.   

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    1. Through referendum
    2. Through plebiscite/consensus
    3. Through peoples initiative
    4. Exercise the right to recall a non performing member of parliament
    1. When defending one's life/ country in case of war.
    2. When defending one's property against violent attack.
    3. When the life of law enforcement officer is in danger when apprehending criminals. 
    4. Abortion can be done under emergency treatment/ if the life of the mother is in danger based on opinion of a trained health professional.
    5. If one is found guilty of an offence punishable by death e.g. murder, treason, and robbery with violence
    6. When preventing escape of a lawfully detained person
    7. When preventing a person from committing a felony/crime
    8. When suppressing a riot/rebellion or mutiny
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