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  1. State three types of democracy. 
  2. Explain six principles of democracy.

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    1. Pure or direct democracy
    2. Representative or indirect democracy
    3. Constitutional or liberal democracy
    1. Freedom of speech- people are free to express their views without fear or limitation
    2. Consent of people – governments are formed on the people’s consent by participating in regular, free and fair elections
    3. Economic democracy- economic powers must be decentralized to enable individuals and communities to control their wealth.
    4. Rule of law- judicial matters must be handled on the basis of written law and all are equal before the law.
    5. Political tolerance- existence of others and divergent views must be recognized and accepted
    6. Free and accountable mass media- media should be free to disseminate information of public interest
    7. Respect for human rights- this enables people to live a dignified life and realize their potential
    8. Accountability and transparency- leaders should explain their actions and be ready for public scrutiny.
    9. Universal suffrage- every member of the society has the right to vote for leaders of their choice.
    10. Education- empowers people to make informed information
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