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  1. State five factors that facilitated the development of agriculture in America before 1800.
  2. Explain five solutions to food shortage in third world countries. 

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    1. European immigration into the region led to population increase and demand for
    2. European immigration introduced new methods of farming
    3. Introduction of new crops
    4. Availability of slave labour to clear forests and to farm
    5. Suitability of climate for agriculture 
    6. presence of suitable soils for different types of crops
    7. Settlement of enterprising European emigrants who wished to make a living through agriculture.
    8. Availability of indigenous crops
    9. Use of river for irrigation availability of water for irrigation from rivers like Hudson and Colorado. 
    1. Reclaiming more land would increase the area for farming thereby producing more food
    2. Adopting irrigation which would ensure food production throughout the year 
    3. Government should adopt/formulate food policies which would give strategies of achieving food security the countries
    4. Encouraging farmers to grow food crops that are drought resistant/require little
    5. Farm inputs/seeds/fertilizers pesticides should be highly subsidized in order to make them affordable to the farmers/low cost of farm inputs
    6. Storage facilities should be improved to minimize loss/storage before and after the
    7. Modern/scientific farming methods such as artificial insemination should be practiced in order to improve agricultural yields/extension services
    8. Transport infrastructure should be improved constructed for efficient movement of
      farm inputs/produce to and from markets
    9. Encouraging agro forestry which would ensure food production alongside forestry Promoting peaceful co-existence among communities to enable farming activities to prosper
    10. Encouraging the growing of food crops instead of cash crops
    11. Giving loans/credit facilities to the farmers
    12. Diversificaiion of eating habits by encouraging people to eat a variety of foods 
    13. Encouraging family planning so that families have only the number of children whom they can feed and provide for. 
    14. Encouraging soil conservation measures e.g. terracing, construction of gabions
      and afforestation.
    15. Encouraging the forming of co-operative societies to market their produce
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