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  1. State five reasons why the television is an important means of communication. 
  2. Explain five ways in which telecommunication has negatively affected the society. 

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    1. They convey information more vividly than other forms.
    2. They are used for entertainment.
    3. They are used to pass educational programmes.
    4. They are used in advertisements/marketing
    5. They are effective in transmitting ideas since it commands attention.
    6. They have created job opportunities.
    7. lt bridges the limitation of real-time communication.
    1. Some have promoted immorality through watching of pornographic films.
    2. They have promoted international crime/terrorism and drug abuse.
    3. It has encouraged idleness and addiction to programmes by viewers.
    4. The disposal of telecommunication gadgets may result in environmental pollution.
    5. Continuous use of some means of telecommunication may be a health hazard/radiations
    6. Prolonged exposure to computer screen affect the eyes
    7. Some telecommunication devices cannot be accessed by many people due to the expense of acquisition and installation.
    8. Some programmes promote violence in the society
    9. Some can cause pollution if not properly controlled e.g. radio
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