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  1. State three official languages used in the United Nations Organization (UNO) General Assembly deliberations.
  2. Explain six ways through which the United Nations promotes peace in the world.

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    1. English
    2. French
    3. Spanish
    4. Chinese
    5. Russian
    6. Arabic
    1. Through encouraging the peaceful settlement of disputes between member states/sending peace messengers
    2. By imposing mandatory sanctions against countries that are seen as a threat to World peace in an effort to bring them to line.
    3. It hears cases between states through international Court of Justice
    4. By sending peace keeping forces to areas ravaged by war and conflict.
    5. by encouraging disarmament through its disarmament commission and numerous
      conferences on disarmament that is sponsored by it.
    6. It provides humanitarian assistance to the needy by giving them protection
    7. By encouraging the social and economic development of the third world through the work of numerous specialized agencies. 
    8. By promoting general awareness in the world about peace through publishing journals.
    9. Through the promotion of regional cooperation in different areas between different countries.
    10. By promotes human rights by enforcing application of international law.
    11. By authorizing the use of force to restore peace in different regions.
    12. It condemns all forms of terrorism
    13. It promotes democracy and good governance
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