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The grid below represents part of the periodic table. Study it and answer the questions that follow. The letters are not actual symbols of the elements.
grid representing part of a periodic table

  1. What name is given to the family of elements to which A and C belong? 
  2. Write the formula of the sulphate of element D. 
  3. Which letter represents the most reactive; 
    1. Metal
    2. Non-metal
  4. Name the bond formed when B and H react. Explain your answer. 
  5. Select one element that belongs to period 4. 
  6. Explain why the ionic radius of element E is bigger than the atomic radius. 
  7. The electron configuration of a divalent anion of element N is 2.8.8. Indicate the position of element N on the periodic table above. 
  8. The oxide of G has a lower melting point than the oxide of L. Explain. 
  9. How do the atomic radii of I and C compare. Explain. 
  10. Explain the trend in the 1st ionization energies of the elements J, I and L.

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  1. Noble gases
  2. D2SO4
    1. D
    2. E
  4. Ionic bond. It involves transfer of electrons from B to H.
  5. D
  6. During ionization, an extra electron is added to the energy shell which reduces the effective nuclear force of attraction.
  7. Placed in group VI and period 3.
  8. G forms a simple molecular structure with oxygen while L forms a giant atomic (covalent) structure with strong covalent bonds which require more heat to break.
  9. I is larger than C. I has a lower effective nuclear charge due to smaller number of protons hence weaker attraction between the outermost energy level and the nucleus.
  10. It increases across from J to L due to increase in the effective nuclear charge from J to L.

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