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Suppose you were to carry out a field study on trona mining at Lake Magadi:

  1. Give three stages of trona processing that you would observe.
  2. State three follow up activities that you would carry out. 

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    1. Sieving trona from lake water
    2. Washing of trona
    3. Drying of washed trona
    4. Heating trona to separate sodium carbonate from sodium hydrogen carbonate.
    5. Grinding of soda ash
    6. Sieving and packing of soda ash.
    1. Writing a report in an essay form.
    2. Drawing graphs and pie charts on numerical data collected/provided.
    3. Laboratory testing of trona samples collected.
    4. Displaying printed photographs taken on a wall.
    5. Displaying labelled samples collected.
    6. Giving a lecture to other students in other classes.
    7. Classifying data collected.
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