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You carried out a field study of different tree species

  1. Identify three activities you would carry out during the field study
  2. How would you identify the different tree species?
  3. State two methods you would use to determine the height of the trees 

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    • Measuring and estimating the height of the plants
    • Taking photographs of the area and the plants
    • Collecting samples of plants
    • Counting the plants
    • Drawing sketches to show vegetation distributions
    • Identifying the different tree species
    • Observing the colours
    • Examining leaf sizes, patterns and types of leaves
    • look at the nature of their bark
    • Examining appearance of the plants
    • Examining the root system of the plants
    • By measuring the exact height of a sample of the tree and then generalize
    • Reading through available records on the vegetations of the area
    • By estimating the height
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