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Describe how human blood is adapted to its function.

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  • Plasma is the fluid part of blood consisting of dissolved and undissolved substances. The plasma acts as a medium in which various substances are transported in the body. It acts as a medium for various metabolic reactions and plays a role in thermo-regulation/ heat distribution.
  • Platelets contain proteins that help in blood clotting( thromboplastin/ thrombokinase), preventing excessive blood loss/ anaemia and also entry of pathogens into the blood stream.
  • White blood cells have an irregular/ amoebid shape and protect the body against attacks by pathogens by engulfing them and releasing antibodies against the pathogens. They are numerous and act as the body's defense mechanism.
  • Red blood cell are biconcave in shape to increase surface area for difusion of gases/ squeezing through blood capillaries. They lack nuclei to allow for more haemoglobin packing. Haemoglobin has high affinity for oxygen and are numerous to increase surface aread for oxygen transport through out the body.They have anyhydrase enzyme for loading and offloading CO2
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