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The figure below is a diagram of a vertical section of a mammalian tooth

  1. Name the parts labeled A – F
  2. How are the structures labeled A and D adapted to their functions
  3. List down three ways of preventing teeth diseases 

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    • A-Enamel 
    • B-Gum 
    • C-Dentine 
    • D-Pulp cavity 
    • E-Cement
    • F-Peridontal ligament
  2. A – it is made up of hard organic substance consisting of mineral salt crystals (calcium sulphate) and carbonate) board together by keratin . It forms an efficient, hard biting surface.
    D – Contains blood vessels provide nourishment for the dentine /Nerve endings for sensibility of the tooth 
    • Regular brushing
    • Avoiding very sugarly food
    • Proper exercise of the teeth by eating tough fibrous food e.g. carrots, maize and vegetables.
    • Eating food rich in vitamin C
    • Regular dental checkup
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