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In an experiment, germinating pea seeds were put in a retort flask which was placed in a beaker containing potassium hydroxide solution as shown in diagram A below. At the end of the experiment, the results were as shown in diagram B.
diagram on germinating pea seeds

  1. Suggest the aim of the experiment. 
  2. State the observable changes that occurred as shown in the diagram. 
  3. Account for the changes noted in (2) above. 
  4. Name the chemical process taking place in the peas. 
  5. How would a control experiment be set.

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  1. To show that germination seeds use oxygen and give out carbon(iv) oxide;
  2. The level of potassium hydroxide rose in the retort flask; and dropped in the beaker;
  3. The germinating seeds respire using oxygen and give out carbon (iv) oxide; which is absorbed by potassium hydroxide; The level of potassium hydroxide rise to fill the space formally occupied by oxygen carbon(iv) oxide;
  4. Germination
  5. Use boiled and disinfected peas/dry seeds

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