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In an experiment equal amounts of three different sugar solutions were placed in the risking tubings X, Y and Z. the tubings were placed in a beaker of water containing 5% sugar solution. The set up was left for two hours. The results were as shown in the diagram below.
Solubility Experiment

  1. Name the process being investigated in the experiment
  2. Account for the observations made at the end of the experiment 
  3. State three importance of the process named in (a) above in living organisms 

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  1. Osmosis 
    • The solution in tubing X was more dilute than that in the beaker/solution in tubing X is hypotonic to be solution in to beaker . Water moved from the tubing into the beaker by osmosis/. Water molecules moved from the beaker where they are highly concentrated to where they are lowly concentrated. 
    • The solution in tubing Y had the same concentration as that in the beaker. The solution is isotonic. There is no movement of water in either direction.
    • The solution in tubing Z was more concentrated that in the beaker or Z is hypertonic  to the solution in the beaker .
    • Water molecules moved from the beaker where take are more conc into the tubing by osmosis. Or in the beaker there are more free water molecules than in the tubing Z. free water molecules more from the beaker to the risking tubing through osmosis.
    • Uptake of water from the soil into the root hairs of plant roots.
    • Uptake of water from the surrounding medium into the cells of microorganisms.
    • Transport of water from the epidermal cells of the root to the cells at the centre of the root (support).
    • Reabsorption of water from the kidney tubules (osmoregulation)
    • Reabsorption of tissue fluid into the bloodstream at the veneous of the capillaries.
    • Movement of H2O from the veins of leaves through the leaf cells to the atmosphere during transpiration.
    • Opening and closing of stomata.
    • Feeding insectivorous plants.

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