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A group of students set up an experiment to investigate a certain physiological process as shown in the figure below. After some time, the students observed that the level of the sugar solution had risen.
experiment on physiological processes

  1. What physiological process was being investigated?  
  2. Account for the rise in the sugar solution in the experiment. 
  3. Suggest with a reason the results that the students would obtain if they repeated the experiment using a piece of boiled potato. 
  4. Explain why the cells of the potato above, would not burst when immersed in distilled water and left for some time. 

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  1. Osmosis;
  2. Water is hypotonic compared to sugar solution (OWTTE) hence water is drained from the beaker by osmosis into the sugar solution making it rise;
  3. No observable change /no rise in sugar solution as boiling kills the cells /cells as osmotically dead/protoplasm is killed by boiling ;
  4. They have rigid cellulose cell walls; that resist outward pressure even after filling with water
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