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Explain five factors for the decline of the Trans-Atlantic trade.

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  1. Decline in demand of sugar – reduced the demand for slaves.
  2. Independence of America – it deprived the British of Profits made from the slave trade.
  3. Industrial revolution
  4. Machines replaced human labour as they were more efficient
  5. Anti – slavery movement – Christian missionaries advocated for abolition of slave trade
  6. Economic views – influencial economists like Adam Smith advanced argument for a free enterprise economy.
  7. American civil war – a civil war between North and South over institution of slavery – The North which was against slavery won the war leading to abolition of slavery in USA
  8. Slavery revolts e.g. in Jamaica, Antique
  9. Contribution of Africans –s ome Africans actively campaigned against slave trade e.g. King Nzinga 
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