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What were the results of Trans-Atlantic trade in West Africa?

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  1. It led to increased inter-tribal wars which increased insecurity – with introduction of European wars i.e. guns led to misery, suffering and disruption of family life.
  2. It led to growth of kingdoms i.e Asante, Dahomey etc which controlled trade because of profits made from trade and fire arms used.
  3. Led to destruction of property due to slave raids, villages were often burnt down and left in ruins
  4. Decline of Trans-Saharan trade as goods were diverted towards the Trans-Atlantic trade. Also some traders shifted to Trans-Atlantic trade
  5. Led to urbanization whereby towns developed along the slave markets and ports i.e. Lagos
  6. It led to introduction of new goods in West Africa ie clothes, rum and glassware
    Led to depopulation caused by capture and deportation of Africans into slavery in America, others were killed during slave raids
  7. Decline of traditional industries – Africans developed a taste for European goods ie rom, clothes and glassware at expense of local ones
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Lead to hatred, fear and security
Displacement of my people
Loss of life
Destruction of property
Growth of kingdoms like Asante
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