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Describe the contest between prophet Elijah and Baal prophets at mount Carmel

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  1. Elijah called for two bulls
  2. Let the Baal prophets choose one bull and chose one
  3. They  called by their god’s name
  4. Their was no voice
  5. They  called their gods the whole day
  6. They limped at the altar without any answer
  7. Elijah mocked them
  8. Elijah called all the people 
  9. The paired the altar
  10. Took 12 stones
  11. Put wood and cut bull into pieces
  12. They filled  trench with water
  13. Prayed to God
  14. File fell and consumed the offering
  15. People hid their faces and accepted the Lord is God
  16. He ordered for killing to prophets of Baal at Kishom
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