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Outline six forms of punishment prophesied by Elijah to King Ahab and Jezebel after taking Naboth's vineyard.

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  • The death of King Ahab would be in the same place where Naboth was stoned/killed.
  • God would bring evil upon King Ahab
  • God would take away the prosperity of Ahab/his rule would come to an end.
  • Dogs would lick the blood of Ahab where Naboth's blood was licked.
  • All the male children/slaves of King Ahab would be cut off.
  • Dogs would eat anybody from Ahab's home who die in the city.
  • Birds of the air would eat anybody from Ahab's house who would die in the fields.
  • Dogs would eat the body of Jezebel./ Jezebel will died with bounds of Jezreel.
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Ahab will be killed and his body will be eaten by dogs
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