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Explain five factors that led to the defeat of Samori Toure by the French

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  1. The constant movement of his army and people denied him time to concentrate on gainful activities resulting in inadequate food supplies
  2. The scorched-earth-policy he employed when fighting made his people impoverished and they turned against him
  3. Some African communities in the area supported the French against Samori Toure e.g. Tieba of Sikasso and Ahmed Sekou of Tuklor Empire
  4. The French had superior weapons
  5. Non-Mandinka and non Muslim in his empire supported the French because he had mistreated them.
  6. The British refused to support Samori Toure against the French
  7. Establishment of second empire to the East denied him access to fire arms
  8. He was cut off from Bure gold mines 
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French had superior weapons.
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