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Narrate the parable of the good Samaritan (lk 10)

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  1. Jesus encountered a law experts
  2. He asked who is my neighbor
  3. In response Jesus gave the parable of good Samaritan
  4. He asked Jesus what he could to to have eternal life
  5. Jesus asked him about the law
  6. I had obeyed since youth
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A man was going down from jerusalem to jericho and a bunch of robbers stripped him,beat him leaving him half dead.Now by a chance  a priest was passing by and when he saw the man he passed by the other side  of the road.Likewise a levite was passing through the road and when he saw him passed by the other side of the road.But a good samaritan was pasing by and when he saw the man he had compassion and bound his wound and took him to his inn and took care of him.
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Aman was coming from Jerusalem to Jericho on his way he meet same robbers and they bited him down and he was left down to die the fast to pass we as a revain but he showed no meacy and worked away the second to pass was a priest but him to did not show any meacy then a Samaritan come he fleat pity for him he nurses his wood's and took him to Aina who he told to take care of the man still he cames back and pay for the rest

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