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Crude oil is a mixture of hydrocarbons which are separated by fractional distillation. One of the components obtained contains an alkane A, with eleven carbon atoms.

  1. Write the molecular formula of A 
  2. Pentane can be obtained from compound A as shown
    A → Pentane + B
    • Give the name of this conversion process.  
    • State the conditions used in this process.  
    • Give the name of compound B. 

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  1. C11 H24 / CH3(CH2)9CH2
    • Cracking /Catalytic/ Thermal cracking
      • High temperatures  400-700°C/Heat
      • High pressure(70 atmospheres)
      • Catalyst (Zeolite catalyst/Silica catalyst/Alumina catalyst)
    • Hexene (C6 H12 )(Hex-1-ene/Hex-2-ene/Hex-3-ene.)
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