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Describe five functions of agricultural marketing.

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  1. Processing: processing raw materials to add value, utility and improves shelf life.
  2. Transportation: provide transport of agricultural products from farmers to the market
  3. Financing : provide capital to carry out agricultural activities
  4. Advertising: advertise farm products in order to increase demand
  5. Buying: getting from farmers/ producers
  6. Gathering market information: to determine the appropriate market and price.
  7. Selling: sell on behalf of the farmer
  8. Insurance: bearing risk by protecting from damage.
  9. Standardization / grading: putting into grades so as to provide uniform standards and cater for various consumers.
  10. Packing: pack the farm produce storage space and make transport and selling easier.
  11. Storage: store farm produce after harvest in order to minimize losses/ store a marketing strategy/ to ensure continuous supply.
  12. Displaying the produce for consumers to buy.
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