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Describe the healing of the Gerasene demonic in Luke 8 : 26 – 39.

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  1. Jesus and the disciple arrived at the land of Gerasene.
  2. They met a man who was demon possessed and live among the tombs.
  3. The man fell down and told Jesus not to torment him.
  4. This is because Jesus had commanded the unclean spirit out of a man.
  5. Jesus asked the man his name.
  6. The man replied that his name is legion meaning many demons.
  7. Demon begged Jesus not to let them go into abyss but into swine that were near by.
  8. Jesus commanded demons to go into swine.
  9. Swine rushed and drowned in a nearby lake.
  10. Herdsmen then fled and went to tell people in the city concerning what had happened.
  11. People came and found the man sitting at feet of Jesus, healed, dressed and in his right mind.
  12. People got afraid of Jesus and asked him to leave their territory.
  13. The healed man asked Jesus whether he could accompany him.
  14. Jesus told him to go and tell others what God had done to him.
  15. The man went through town proclaiming good news about Jesus.
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