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Relate the healing of the man with an evil spirit. (Luke 4: 31- 37)

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  1. Jesus was teaching in the synagogue on a Sabbath.
  2. People were astonished because He spoke with authority.
  3. There was a man with a demon in the synagogue.
  4. There was a man with a demon in the synagogue.
  5. The man cried out loudly “ah what have you to do with us Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know you are the Holy one of God”.
  6. Jesus rebuked the demon saying be silent and come out of Him.
  7. The demon came out of the man having thrown him down but causing him no harm.
  8. The people were amazed at His word and power.
  9. Report about Jesus went out into every surrounding region.
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