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Explain six factors which undermine national unity in Kenya.

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  • Unequal distribution of national resources creates disparity in terms of development leading to the feelings of exclusion
  • Tribalism which favors people from one’s ethnic group thereby creating animosity hatred among the people
  • Religious conflicts brought about by intolerance to other people’s faiths leading to division of people along religious lines
  • Discrimination on the basis of color creates antagonism among different races/ racism
  • Affiliation to different political parties with different ideologies polarizes the country along political lines
  • Corruption / greed/ bribery leads to a few people amassing a lot of wealth at the expense of the others
  • Poverty among the people creates a state of lawlessness/ high rate of crime in the society
  • Terrorism/ radicalization creates a state of anarchy/ fear/ suspicion among people
  • Nepotism- this is the practice of favoring relative
  • Cultural conflicts- some diverse cultural aspects may be in conflicts among different communities.
  • Ignorance- leading to intolerance of other people’s views leading to failure to appreciate developments taking place around them.
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