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Describe the annunciation of the birth of john the Baptist to Zachariah.

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  1. Zachariah was performing his priestly duties at the temple.
  2. He had gone to burn incense inside the temple as other worshippers were praying outside.
  3. An angle of God appeared to him standing at the right hand side of the alter.
  4. He felt frightened and scared but the angle reassured him that he had Good news.
  5. He told Zachariah that God had heard his prayers and would bless him with a son to be named john meaning God is gracious.
  6. The child will be a source of joy and delight to Zachariah and many would rejoice at his birth.
  7. The angle revealed about the nature of the child ie he will be great in the sight of the Lord.
  8. Zachariah could not believe because they were advanced in years.
  9. Angel Gabriel told him that he would remain dumb because of his unbelief until the child is born.
  10. The people who were waiting outside were wondering why he took long in the temple.
  11. When he came out he could not speak to them which made them to realize that he had seen a vision.
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