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State the lessons Christians learns from the call of the first disciple.

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  1. Christians learn to commit their lives to Jesus and follow Him.
  2. Christian learns to have faith of Simon who readily obeyed the words of Jesus and he casted the net and made a huge catch.
  3. Christians should not be discouraged even if they preach the good news and no one is converted.
  4. Christians learn to repent their sins like Simon Knelt at the feet of Jesus and acknowledged his sinful nature.
  5. Christians learn to turn to Jesus always when they are discouraged in life when after toiling in vain.
  6. Christians learn to work as a team just like the three disciples.
  7. Christians learn to trust in God just like Simon trusted the words of Jesus and put the nets into deep water after they had caught nothing the whole night.
  8. Christians learn to renounce their family ties and other occupations which may hinder them from following Jesus just like the first disciples left everything and followed Jesus.
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