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Explain ways through which early Man adapted to the environment during old stone age

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  • Development of upright walking posture using hind limbs (bipedalism) improved mans ability to hunt.
  • Gradual use of fore limbs (hands) for holding objects enabled man to make tools which made his work easier.
  • Increased brain capacity to above1500 c.c enhanced man’s level of creativity.
  • Development of language enhanced exchange of ideas.
  • Discovery of fire improved his diet and increased his security etc
  • Domestication of plants and animals ensured prolonged supply of food, reduced nomadism for a more sedentary life.
  • Weapon making enhanced survival, reduced security.
  • Making of clothes and fire –warmth for his body.
  • Discovery of medicine reduced the risk of death from diseases.
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Natural selection
Environmental adaptation

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Man had hairy bodies to prevent cold

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