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Explain why some people in Kenya find it difficult to worship God.

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  • Some people have a lot of wealth/affluence/power/pride, therefore they see no need of worshipping God. 
  • Other people live in abject poverty hence they lose hope in God.
  • Some people are discouraged by bad examples set by some members/leaders/ Poor role models 
  • Influence by modern technology whereby some people spend more time on their phones/computer hence have no time to worship God/science/technology providing solutions to many problems.
  • Constant conflicts in some churches/ ethnic differences discourages people from worshipping God/ Leadership wrangles
  • Some people have no faith in God/spiritual matters therefore they cannot worship God./No Knowledge of God.
  • Some people give up on worshipping God when their needs are not met/prayers not answered.
  • Some people do not worship God because they believe in other forces/powers of darkness/witchcraft/ devil worship
  • Some people fear to be ridiculed/mocked by their friends/peers hence fail to worship God
  • Ethnic differences / Discrimination
  • Hostility/insecurity sickness( covid-19)
  • Job commitments/ Busy schedules
  • Permissiveness in the society
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