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In Oloisudori and Olekaelo no evil is lesser. Write an essay to support this statement.

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Our  society comprises of individual with different qualities and character while some may be positive other characters  positive other characters posses traits are extremely  unpleasant.  In Blossoms of the Savannah the  writer presents Oloisudori and Olarinkoi as two individuals with an extremely  obnoxious/ annoying


The begin with the two character suffer from sexual greed.  Ole Supeyo warns Ole Kaelo to keep his girls away  from Oloisudori for the suffer from  sexual greed Oloisudoi is said to have a reputation that would rival that  of a randy he goat.  Olarinkoi is also sexually greedy.  It is no wonder  he takes Resian to his hot against he will and tries to rape her.

The  two characters are  also  portrayed  as chauvinistic. They believe that a woman should not make decision over her life, including on sensitive issues like marriage.  Oloisudori wants Resian married to him by force while Olaninkoi plans to circumcise her and make her his wife by force.

In addition Both Oloisudori and Olarinkoi are opportunistic on one hand Oloisudori tales advantage of  Kaelo’s  independence to have to marry his daughter by force.  Olaninkoi takes  advantage of  Resian’s desperate  situation as she tries to run away from force marriage.  He also rides on the trust he had earned from the two girls when he saved them from a near rape.

Moreover the two individuals believe in the use of force to gratify their desire oloisdori plans to have his men abduct Resian and bring her to his home as a wife. Olarinkoi uses pretence to take Resian to his village where he intends forcefully circumstances her and take her as his wife.

Just like many  other men in Nasila.  The two characters adhere to backward cultural believes that oppress women.  Oloisudon insists that Resian should be circumcised before being married to him.  Olarinkoi also treasures  this  backward culture for  he plans to  have Resian circumcised  before making her his wife.


To sum up it is true to say that this two individual posseses a character that is extremely unpleasant a serious change in cultural values  is needed in order to eliminate such individual.
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