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Explain five results of the Mandinka resistance against the French invasion in the 19th century

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  1. Many people lost their lives due to conflict/war between them and the French soldiers
  2. Property like houses, food stores and livestock were destroyed due to the use of scorched earth policy by the Mandinka warriors
  3. It sowed the seed of nationalism among the Africans who later organized movements to liberate themselves/inspired other nationalists
  4. The Mandinka lost control over all their trading/ economic activities/ such as gold mines
  5. Their leader Samori Toure was captured and deported to Gabon where he died in 1900
  6. The Mandinka people were forced to flee/displaced from their areas thereby becoming refugees in neighboring states/kingdoms
  7. Mandinka people experienced starvation/famine as farming activities were neglected
  8. The war created suffering/ misery among the people leading to a state of despair
  9. Disruption of traditional institutions e.g. chiefdoms were made ineffective in discharging duties.
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