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Breaking the Bread - Class 6 CRE Revision Notes

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Importance Of Sharing A Meal {Luke 19:1-10}

  • People share meals on many occasions’ e.g. parties, ____________,___________ and __________.
  • Sharing of meals is important because:-
    1. Brings people together.
    2. Promotes sense of belonging and harmony.
    3. Promotes unity in the family
    4. It is a sign of love, generosity, friendship and care.

Luke 19:1-1

  • Jesus shared a meal with a tax collector called _______________
  •  Zacheaus lived in the town of _________________
  • He climbed on a ______________ tree in order to _________________ because he was ______________
  • People grumbled why Jesus shared a meal with ____________________
  • Zachaeus agreed to change his life after sharing a meal with Jesus.
  • We should share with others irrespective of their reputation.

The Meaning Of Passover

  • The last meal then Israelites celebrated in Egypt before they left.
  • It is called Passover because the angel of death passed over Israelites homes and spared them.
  • Israelites:
    1. Slaughtered a one year old lamb
    2. Roast its meat whole
    3. Broke none of its bone.
    4. Ate all meat
    5. Ate it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs.
    6. Ate while standing.
    7. Eaten only by circumcised me.
      • Marked the begging of new life for Israelites
      • Was taught from one generation to another and celebrated annually.


  1. Why did the Israelites celebrate Passover feast each year?
  2. What did they eat during the feast?
    • We should depend on God’s power and protection during challenging situations.

What Jesus said and did during the last supper

 What Jesus did    What he said 
Took a cup of wine and gave
Take this and share among


Question: which was the most disturbing statement Jesus said during the Last Supper?

Symbols Jesus used

  1. Unleavened bread- Jesus’ body {Holy Communion}
  2. Wine – Jesus’ blood.

Why We Remember Death and Resurrection Of Jesus {Luke 24:1-9, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26}

  • It gives Christians hope for eternal life.
  • It reminds us of God’s love.
  • It strengthens our faith.
  • It assures forgiveness of sins.
  • His death is final and most perfect sacrifice for our sins.
  • It confirms God’s promises are true.

Luke 24:1-9

  1. On which day did the women visit the tomb of Jesus?
  2. Who were these women:
  3. Why did they visit the tomb of Jesus?
  4. Which 3 strange things did they encounter with in the tomb?
  5. Resurrection of Jesus gives Christians __________________.

How the Communion is Shared

  • Christians celebrate the Holy Communion to remember the death and resurrection of  Jesus.
  • The shared bread represents the body of Jesus and the wine the blood of Jesus..
  • Christians show unity when celebrating Holy Communion.
  • Christians proclaim death and resurrection of Jesus until He comes again.

Acts 2:42-27
Early believer lived in unity by:-

  1. Fellowshipping together.
  2. Praying together.
  3. Sharing meals.
  4. Sharing possession with each other.
  5. Sharing Holy Communion.

John 6:1-14

  1. Jesus demonstrated pity and kindness.
  2. Jesus asked ___________________ where to get food from. But ___________discovered a___________ with and ____________________.
  3. Jesus blessed it,_______________ and fed the multitude and _______________ baskets remained.

Getting Ready For the Second Coming of Jesus Christ 2 peter 3:10-15

  • Christians should get ready for the second coming of Jesus for there will be no warning.
  • We should prepare ourselves by:-
    1. Living pure and holy lives.
    2. Repenting and asking God for forgiveness
    3. Living prayerful lives.
    4. Obeying God’s commandments.
    5. Believing and accepting Jesus in our lives.
    6. ________________
    7. ________________
    8. ________________

2 peter 3:10-15

  1. Jesus will come unexpectedly.
  2. Jesus will come as a thief
  3. Qn:state the events of that day ________________

Meaning Of Repentance and Forgiveness {Luke 15:11-32}

  • Repentance- act of feeling sorry of wrong doings.
  • Forgiveness – willingness to pardon those who wrong us.
  • God always forgives us:-
    1. When we are truly sorry of our wrongs.
    2. When we forgive those who wrong us.
  • Repentance and forgiveness strengthens our relationship with God.
    1. - Jesus taught repentance and forgiveness using the parable of the prodigal son
      - Sinners- lost son
      - God- loving father.

Celebrating Breaking of Bread {1 Corinthians 11:23-32}

  • Breaking of bread is also called :-
    1. Lord’s supper
    2. Lord’s table
    3. The holy communion
    4. The Eucharist
    5. The holy mass.
  • Christians by celebrating the holy communion obey Jesus command “do this in remembrance of me”
  • Christians remember death and resurrection of Jesus.
  • Before breaking bread one should repent sins.

Values Required During the Breaking of Bread

  • Humility
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Sharing
  • Thankfulness
  • Caring
  • Patience
  • Tolerance

By celebrating the Holy Communion Christians demonstrate unity, togetherness, love, humility, joy, appreciation and giving.

Revision questions

Primary CRE 6 pg 43-44
2. Quick reading CRE pg 16-17
3. Spotlight CRE 6 pg 21-24

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