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Christians Supporting people with Special Needs

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People with Special Needs

  1. The blind {visually impaired}
  2. The lame or crippled {physically impaired}
  3. The deaf {hearing impaired}
  4. The mentally handicapped.
  5. The behaviorally and emotionally disturbed.
  6. Those with communication disorders{mute or dumb}
  7. The orphans
  8. The poor
  9. The street children
  10. People living with HIV/AIDS
  11. The refugees.
  12. The sick
  1. Visually impaired {blind}

    • Challenge – cannot see or read.
    • Require assistance when walking.
    • Use Braille to read.
    • Causes – old age, accidents, sickness, born blind
      John 9:1-12
    • Jesus encounter with a man born blind.
    • Disciples asked the cause of his blindness.
    • Jesus said- sins never caused blindness. Born that way for God’s power to be seen at work.
    • Jesus healed him by:-
      1. Spitting on the ground.
      2. Made mud
      3. Rubbed it on his eyes.
      4. Sent him to wash his face at the pool of Siloam.
    • As Christian we should help the blind enjoy life like normal people.
  2. The Physically Impaired

    • Challenge – cannot walk without help
    • Discrimination at work places.
    • Difficulties at work
    • Causes:- accidents, sickness, born that way.
      Acts 3:1-10
    • Peter and john met a lame man at the Beautiful Gate of Jerusalem temple.
    • The crippled man asked them for money {silver or gold}
    • Peter told him that they did not have money but we will give you what we have.
    • He told him to walk in the name of Jesus and he got healed.
      Mark 2:1-12
    • Jesus healed a paralyzed man lowered from the roof.
    • He was healed because of the faith of those who brought him.
    • Jesus forgave him his sins and told him to rise up take his mat and go home.
    • Jesus healed him to show that he had power to forgive sins.
    • Christians help the lame to enjoy life.
  3. The Hearing Impaired {The Deaf}

    • Challenge- cannot hear.
    • Difficulties in communication
    • Causes: accidents, loud sounds, being born, mishandling ears.
      Mark 7:31-35, 37
    • Jesus healed a deaf man by placing his fingers in the ears.
    • Jesus said “Ephphatha”- meaning open-up.
    • Christians should be concerned with people who are deaf.
  4. Mentally Handicapped

    • Challenge- mental sickness
    • Causes: evil spirits {witchcraft}, sickness{brain damage
      Matthew 8:28-34
    • Jesus met with a man possessed by demons.
    • The man lived among the tombs.
    • The demons begged Jesus not to destroy them.
    • Jesus ordered them to leave the man {mob] and entered a herd of pigs.
    • The owner of the pigs forced Jesus to leave their territory.
    • Jesus probed he has power over evil spirits.
    • Christians should help the mentally sick by:-
      1. Providing daily needs
      2. Taking them to special schools
      3. ____________________
  5. Behaviorally And Emotionally Disturbed.

    • These are people who act abnormally e.g.:-
      Isolate themselves, cry with reason, ever absent minded, staring at nothing for a long time e.t.c.
    • Causes: stress, loss of a loved one, overworking, fear e.t.c
    • This condition can be overcome by:
      1. Trusting in God and pray over all experiences.
      2. Seek assistance from experts.
      3. Participate in sports and games.
  6. The Dumb {Mute}

    • Challenge- can’t speak/talk, can’t express themselves verbally
    • Use gestures/signs
    • Many people can’t understand sign language.
      Mathew 9:22-33
    • Jesus healed a man who could not talk for he had a demon.
    • He ordered the demon to leave the man and he spoke
  7. The Orphans

    • Orphans are children whose parents are dead.
    • Challenge: lack of parental love and guidance
    • If young they lack food, clothing, and shelter e.t.c.
      Deuteronomy 26:12
    • Moses gave instruction on use of a tenth of their produce Should be given to Levites, the foreigners, fatherless and windows.
      James 1;27
    • True religion is taking care of orphans and widows.
  8. The Poor

    • These people lack enough basic needs
      Psalms 41:1
    • King David stresses that those concerned with the poor are blessed and God will deliver them in times of trouble.
  9. People living with HIV/AIDS

    • These people are infected with HIV/AIDS
    • HIV/AIDS is transmitted mainly through sex.
    • Christians should care for them and help them lead a normal life.
  10. Street Children

    • These are children who are homeless and live in towns streets.
    • Problems they face – lack of food, shelter, clothes, medical care e.t.c, sexual harassment.
    • Causes: parental negligence, poverty, harassment at home e.t.c.
    • Christians should be concerned with the street children by providing basic needs, taking them to rehabilitation centers
  11. Refugees {Mathew 2:13-15, 19-23}

    • These are people who have freed their countries because of war, insecurity
    • Challenges : lack of shelter, food, clothing, peace e.t.c
    • Christians should help refugees by:-
      1. Providing basic needs.
      2. Helping them join refugees organizations e.g. UNHCR.

How Christians Support People with Special Needs.

  1. Building special schools for them
    • Thika school for blind sponsored by ______________
    • Mumias school for deaf and dumb- catholic church
    • __________________
    • __________________
    • __________________
  2. Providing necessary equipments for challenged people.
  3. Building houses for orphans, refugees
  4. Training people on how to be self reliant
  5. ____________________
  6. ____________________
  7. _____________________
  8. _____________________

Why Christians should Care for People with Special Needs {James 2:14-17}

  • It is our Christian duty to do so {James 2:14-17}
  • It is our responsibility to continue with the work of Jesus
  • By doing so, it is a demonstration of faith with actions
  • ____________________
  • ____________________


  1. Primary CRE 6 pg 70-71
  2. Quick reading CRE 6 pg 23
  3. Spotlight CRE 6 pg 37-38

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