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Living a Responsible Life - Class 6 CRE Revision Notes

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  1. Meaning Of A Responsible Life

    Understanding who we are in terms of
    1. Our abilities and interest.
    2. Our acceptable and unacceptable characters.
    3. Our feelings and how we relate with others.
    4. Our behaviors and seeking our goals.
  2. Acquiring Self- Awareness/Self-Worth {Reference Primary CRE Pg 72-73}

    This is when we:-
    1. Accept that we are God’s perfect creation
    2. Feel good about ourselves.
    3. Realize that we are important in God’s sight.
    4. Are unique and created for a purpose.
      Memory verse: Isaiah 43:4
      1. List two ways that shows man is a special creature.
      2. State a reason why God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
  3. Identifying Interests and Abilities

    Interest is things we enjoy doing.
    Abilities are things one is able to do well and has interest in them e.g. swimming, dancing,
    ______________,_______________ ,____________ ,______________ e.t.c.
    Some abilities are natural {born with} but we acquire other abilities as we grow up.
    Exodus 35:30
    God gave Bazalel and __________________ the ability and knowledge to design and make to make ________________- a tabernacle.
    Mathew 25:14-30 [parable of 3 servants]
    The master had ________________ servants
    He gave each servant according to ones’ ability.
    One he gave _________________ , to another he gave _______________ and to another he gave ________________.
    The master was happy with the first two BUT condemned the third servant.
    1 Peter 4:10-11
    Saint Peter teaches that the gifts of the Holy Spirit should be used to serve God.
    1. State seven gifts of the holy spirit {spiritual gifts}
    2. Why was the master unhappy with the third servant in the parable of the 3 servants?
    3. According to exodus 35:30-35, Bazalel son of ____________ was given skill and abilities of all
      kinds of crafts, _______________ , ________________ , ____________ , and ______________.
  4. Character Traits Needed For Acceptance By Others

    Character are behavioral patterns
    Characters are grouped into good and bad.
    Good characters are called virtues{acceptable}
    Example: love, kindness, loyalty humility …..
    Bad characters are called vices {not acceptable}. Example: hatred, disrespect, pride….
    1. Explain how one acquires good characters
    2. If you are dishonest, how would you acquire the virtue of honest?
    3. Read Isaiah 43:4 “ I will give up _________________ , then memorize it.
    4. State 5 acceptable behaviors in a school.
  5. Accepting Feelings Of Self-Worth

    We express our feelings of self-worth by:-
    1. Being confident
    2. Telling the truth
    3. Being honest
    4. Accepting change
    5. Sharing feelings
    6. Being ready to face challenges
    7. Appreciating ourselves and others.
      Isaiah 43:4
      God reminds and assures us that he loves us and we are precious to him.
  6. Acquiring Socially Responsible Behavior {SRB}

    These are good acts that make us acceptable to others.
    They are learnt from parents, school and at church
    Taking care of property {home, school, church}
    Living peacefully with others
    Using resources responsibly
    Helping the needy.
    Being kind
    Caring and preserving environment.
    Being courteous while interacting with others.
    Practicing virtues
    We please God when we behave responsibly
    1 Peter 2:1-5
    We are advised to get rid of lying, __________,___________ ,____________ and ____________.
    Ephesians 4:25-32
    We are advised to get rid of all bitterness, _____________ , ____________ , ___________ , __________
    .Instead be kind, ___________ and _______________
    John 15-11-15
    Jesus commands us to love each other just as he loves us.
    Galatians 5:23-26
    We learn to be gentle and have self control
    Colossians 3:20
    It is the duty of children to obey parents for this pleases God
    Romans 13:1-5
    We should obey those in authority because authority comes from God.
    Mathew 5:14-16
    We are the light of the world.
    We should let our good deeds by light to others hence praise God.
    1. In 1 Peter 2:1-5, we are advised to get rid of all - and
    2. We should obey and state authority because?
    3. List down 4 unacceptable character triats.
    4. Ohaliab was chosen by God and given the ability to
  7. Developing Goal Seeking Behavior

    A goal {purpose, aspiration} is the aim or target we set for us.
    Goal can be classified as:
    • Short term- completing primary school
    • Long term – completing high school,-university-getting a career
      Ways to achieve our goals include:-
    • Being creative
    • Avoid harmful activities in our lives.
    • Sharing ideas with others.
    • Being persistent and never loose hope.
    • Accepting criticism positively.
    • Always praying and depending on God for guidance.
      Mathew 25:14-30 {parable of 3 servants}
      We are reminded to be active in using our abilities to release our goals by avoiding laziness.
  8. Developing Life Skills

    Life skills are abilities that help a person to develop positive behavior towards solving everyday problems.
    Life skills help us to develop assertiveness, make decisions, critical thinking, creative thinking and responding skills.
    1. Assertiveness

      Assertiveness is being able to express our opinion strongly and confidently.
      It means saying no when you mean NO and YES when you mean yes.
      It involves:
      1. Standing up for your rights
      2. Refusing gifts and lifts from strangers.
      3. Refusing to accompany friends to unknown places
      4. Insist on working hard to achieve goals.
      5. Refusing to be influenced by other people negatively.
        Being assertive does not mean we become more aggressive and disrespectful to other people.
        Genesis 39:1-12
        Joseph was assertive because he ____________to go to bed with ___________ wife.
        Joseph was assertive because he knew what was right and wrong.
        [Related story: primary CRE pg 87-88]
        Nb: Christians can be assertive by being open and honest and refusing to commit sin.
    2. Decision making

      Ability to make correct choices or judgments about something
      Involves making wise choices which helps us achieve our goals.
      Helps us to resolve conflicts and dilemma.
      Provides the opportunity to choose the best option.
      What important decisions have you made today?
      {Reference to primary CRE 6 pg 91}
      John 11:1-44
      Lazarus and his two sisters[Mary and Martha} lived in Bethany.
      Lazarus got sick.
      Mary and ________________ decided to send for Jesus.
      Jesus delayed for two more days but later made a decision to visit Lazarus’ family.
      Disciples, though they feared, made a decision to go with Jesus.
      Jesus decided to bring Lazarus to life: power to give life.
      Christians should make correct decisions in life particular to follow Jesus.
      We should make decisions that are in line with God’s commandments.
      We should aim at glorifying God with our decisions.
      {Related story: Primary CRE 6 pg 90}
    3. Critical thinking {Luke 11:37-44}

      This is being able to make fair and careful judgments about good and bad qualities of people or something.
      Involves exploring possibilities of doing a task in more than one way.
      Helps us to express our judgments after analyzing a situation.
      Helps us to respect views of other people in achieving our goals.
      Luke 11:37-44
      Jesus was invited to a Pharisee’s house for a meal.
      Jesus did not wash his hands.
      Jesus criticized Pharisees for their hypocrisy by:
      • Washing the outside of their cups and plates while inside was full of violence and evil.
      • Giving tenth of their harvest but neglected justice and love of God.
      • They loved the reserved seats in the synagogues and be greeted with respect.
    4. Developing creative thinking

      This is being able to develop new ideas and methods especially when tackling a problem.
      Involves imagining, improvising and coming up with new things.
      Helps us to respect the views of other people.
      Luke 20-19-26
      Teachers of law wanted to trap and arrest Jesus.
      The spies asked Jesus whether it was right to pay taxes.
      Jesus was creative, he did not answer yes or no
      Jesus asked for a _ coin and asked them whose face appeared on the coin.
      Jesus concluded by saying “pay to ________________what belongs to ___________and to God
      what _____________ to God”.
      {Related story: primary CRE 6 pg 96-97}
    5. How to listen and respond

      To listen is to concentrate on hearing something by paying attention.
      To respond is to act in response to something.
      Involves our attentiveness, patience and acting obediently.
      John 3:1-21
      Jesus and Nicodemus had a discussion.
      They listened and responded to each other.
      Nicodemus wondered how he could be born again.
      Jesus responded to him by explaining to him how to be born again.
      Jesus was a good listener; he listened and responded to Nicodemus.
      Nb: we should listen and respond to the word of God.
      {Related story: primary CRE 6 pg 98-100

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