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Being led by the Holy Spirit - Class 6 CRE Revision Notes

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  1. Gifts Of The Holy Spirit {Spiritual Gifts} 1 Corinthians 12:4-11}

    1. Knowledge
    2. Faith
    3. Wisdom
    4. Healing
    5. Working miracles
    6. Preaching
    7. Discerning spirits.
    8. Speaking in tongues
    9. Interpreting tongues.

  2. Fruits of the Holy Spirit {Galatians 5:22-23}

    1. Love
    2. Joy
    3. Peace
    4. Patience
    5. Kindness
    6. Goodness
    7. Faithfulness
    8. Gentleness
    9. Self-control.
      {Related story: Primary CRE pg 103-104}

  3. The Story Of Gideon {Judges 6:11-16, 7:1-3, 7:16-22}

    Life history
    His home village was called Ophrah
    An angel appeared to him when threshing wheat.
    His tribe was Manasseh {weakest tribe}
    His father was called Joash.
    • God was angry with the Israelites for their sins. He let the Amalekites and Midianites attack them.
    • God heard the Israelites cry and sent Gideon to save them.
    • Gideon {meaning great worrier} complained at first because:-
      • His tribe was the weakest
      • He was the least in his family.
    • God promise to be with Gideon to fight Medianites.
    • God helped Gideon to defeat Medianites with 300 soldiers.
    • From Gideon story we learn to follow God’s instructions to succeed.
      1. Gideon’s soldiers were to blow the _____________, break ___________ and shout, “ a sword _____________
      2. How did God fight for Israelites?
      3. How did Gideon test his soldiers to know the courageous and true soldiers?
      4. Why did Gideon at first complain when he received God’s message from the angel?
        {Related story: Primary CRE pg 105-6}

  4. Response Of Paul to The Holy Spirit [Acts 16:6-10, 18:9-11, 20:22-24]

    • Paul means small
    • At first called Saul.
    • Born in Tarsus and was tent maker.
    • He was a Pharisee and opposed Christianity.
    • He witnessed the stoning of Stephen
    • On his way to Damascus, to arrest Christians, he met Jesus in form of a dazzling light.
    • Jesus asked “Paul why do you persecute me?”.
    • After conversion he became blind, his men led him to Judas home in Damascus.
    • Ananias was sent to Paul to baptize, lay hands on him and help him regain sight.
    • The Holy Spirit led Paul to preach to the gentiles.
    • He wrote 10 letters[epistles] to different gentile churches
    • Pauline epistles: romans, __________, _________ , __________ , ___________ , _________ ,
      ___________, ____________, ___________ and _____________.
      1. Before Paul converted to become a Christian he was a?
      2. Name 5 epistles in the bible that were not written by Paul.
      3. Who is a gentile?
      4. State 3 things Ananias did to Paul at Damascus
        {Related story: Primary CRE pg 106-107}

  5. How The Holy Spirit Led The Writers Of The Bible

    • The bible is the Christian holy book.
    • Bible is divided into:
      New Testament – 27 books
      Old Testament – 39 books.
      1. New testament {27 books}
        1. Gospel {4} Mathew, ___________ , ___________ and ___________.
        2. Historical {1}- Acts of the apostles {written by Luke}
        3. Pauline epistles {10} Romans, __________ , ___________, _________, __________,___________, _________, _________, __________ and ____________
        4. iv. Other epistles {8} Hebrews, _________ ........
        5. Prophetic books {1{Revelation written by John.
      2. Old Testament {39 books}
        1. Books of law/ Moses/Torah –Genesis [pupils to list the others}
        2. Historical books {12} Judges, { pupils list the others}
        3. Poetic books {5} Job, {pupils list the others}
        4. Prophetic books {17} Isaiah, {pupils list the others}
          • The main purpose of the bible is to:-
            • Teach the truthas about God and man.
            • Rebuke errors
            • Correct faults.
            • Give instructions for right living.

  6. Using The Bible As Our Guide

    Philip the Ethiopian Eunuch [Acts 8:26-40}
    • Philip {means lover of horses} was a famous gentile evangelist
    • Holy Spirit led him to meet an Ethiopian eunuch on his way to Jerusalem.
    • Philip guided him to understand prophesy of messiah according to Isaiah.
    • Philip baptized Ethiopian eunuch after he believed.
      Nb: We should read and understand the bible to:-
    • Gain wisdom
    • Learn God’s commandments.
    • Learn how to live a good life.
    • Experience joy in our lives
    • Know the truth.

  7. Charismatic Renewal of the Church In Kenya. {John 1:2. Acts 5:32, Luke 11:13}

    • Charismatic means God’s grace.
    • Charismatic renewal- renewing/ bringing back the experience of the presence of the
      Grace of God through the Holy Spirit.
    • The outpouring of the Holy Spirit leads to extensive use of gifts of the Holy Spirit in serving God.
    • Renewal began in Kenya in 1970s in both catholic and protestant churches.
    • Charismatic renewal is characterized by:-
      • Increased desire to serve and worship God.
      • The reception of the gifts of the holy spirit by Christians.
      • More fruits of the Holy Spirit seen among Christians.
        1. What is charismatic renewal?
        2. In which year was charismatic renewal experienced in Kenya?
        3. Name 5 spiritual gifts.
        4. The Ethiopian Eunuch was baptized by
        5. preached the good news to Samaria.
        6. The early believers received power of Holy Spirit from Apostle through ?

  8. The Holy Spirit In The Life Of A Christian

    • Works of the holy spirit in the life of a Christian are:-
      1. Giving us gifts and helping us to use them to produce fruits.
      2. Helps us to lead holy lives
      3. Gives us courage to preach good news.
      4. Helps in our prayers.
      5. Inspiring us to help others
      6. _____________________
      7. _____________________
      8. _____________________
        John 16:15
        Jesus says all that God has is His and Holy Spirit will take what he gave him and give it to us.
        1 Peter 2:1-5
        We are advised to rid ourselves of all evil, lying, , or
        Acts 13:1-4
        Barnabas and were chosen and sent by the holy spirit to preach. They took to help them.

  9. Unity In The Church {Ephesians 4:3-6}

    1. Unity amongst Christians is expressed through:
      1. One body of Christ.
      2. One faith in God.
      3. One faith in Jesus.
      4. One faith in the Holy Spirit.
    2. Christians remain united today through:-
      1. The apostle creed- faith
      2. Working towards a common CRE syllabus.
      3. Attending interdenominational services/prayers.
      4. Conducting charity works of mercy.
      5. Fostering unity through organizations e.g. NCCK
        1. The father of Gideon was called ___________ ?
        2. During the time of Gideon, the Israelites were attacked by?
        3. Who is referred to as Gentile Apostles?
        4. Paul and Silas were not allowed by the Holy Spirit to preach good news to _______?
        5. How many soldiers did Gideon chose to fight the Medianites?
        6. Who accompanied Barnabas and Silas in their preaching work?
        7. When Philip met the Ethiopian Eunuch, he was reading from the book of ________?
        8. Gideon was from the tribe of?
        9. State 4 believes found in the apostle creed.
        10. By healing a paralytic man, Jesus shows that he has power to?

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