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Animals - Class 6 Science Revision Notes

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Animal Feeds

They are classified into:

  • Pastures
  • Fodder
  • Conserved feeds
  • Commercial feeds


They are grasses and legumes that animals feed on directly.

They are classified into;
Pure stand ; only consist of either grass or legumes only
Mixed stand ; consists of both grass and legumes


Examples of grass include;

  • Kikuyu grass
  • Star grass
  • Giant sataria
  • Rhodes grass


There are 4 main legumes used as pasture, they include;

  • Clover
  • Lucerne
  • Glycine
  • Desmodium.


They are crops that are hervestered or cut then given to the animals. examples;

  • Napier grass
  • Guatemala grass
  • Potato vines
  • Maize stalks
  • Kales
  • Sugar beet

Conserved Feeds

They are animal feeds that are preserved in a special way to be used in future.
They are divided into two;

  1. Hay
  2. sillage


  • It is cut and preserved by drying
  • It is stored in bales


  • It is harvested when it is about to flower. It is preserved by fermentation.
  • It is stored when still green or in the succulent state.
  • It is stored in silos
  • The molasses is added to speed up fermentation.

Methods of Grazing

  • Rotational grazing
  • Zero grazing
  • Herding

Rotational Grazing

They include:

  • Tethering
  • Paddocking
  • Strip grazing


The animal is tied to a peg or post using a rope
The rope allows the animal to graze within a restricted area.
It is practised were few animals are kept


The land is divided into small areas known as paddocks using a permanent fence
A watering point is usually provided in each paddock.

Strip grazing

The animals are enclosed in a small portion of the pasture using a temporary fence.
An electric fence is usually used.

Zero Grazing

It is also known as stall feeding
The animals are confined in a permanent structure (shed)
The shed should have feeding area, watering area, sleeping area and milking area.


It is a type of grazing where animals are allowed to graze
freely on large areas of land.

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